Starting Point: 1st Weigh-in

So my favorite thing to do is have my picture taken. NOT! I take terrible pictures! Seriously, the camera hates me, and the feeling is mutual. But I want to keep track of my progress and you gotta start somewhere so here I am, all 156 pounds of me. I’ve decided to make Monday my weekly weigh-in day because I think knowing I’ve got to get on the scale on Monday will keep me from overindulging on the weekends.

I took some starting measurements, too: Bust – 39″, Waist – 38″, Hips – 41″, Thigh – 22.5″, Arm – 12.5″.

I’ve set my goal weight for 140 pounds and I want to get my waist under 35″. I’m sure you’ve heard of the studies that show women with a waist more than 35″ are at a much higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Yikes!

Anyway, I think 140 is totally doable by August 29th. I’ve picked that day because I’m going on a cruise to the Caribbean! I’m so excited. I have never gotten to really travel. The last time I went on vacation was 2002 and I went to my hometown, Cincinnati. So I don’t really count that as traveling. I’m a little nervous about going on a boat and not being able to see land, but I’m super excited to travel somewhere completely new. I have to shop for a camera soon because I am going to take like a thousand pictures. 🙂


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