Monday Weigh-in and My Newly Discovered Happy Place

My new happy place!

Okay, so it’s actually Wednesday by now, but the weigh-in did happen Monday. I just didn’t get a chance to post until now. First week results? Now at 154 pounds so have lost 2 pounds so far. Quite happy with that!

And on top of that good news, I finally found a place to run! I mean a place to run that’s not 2 buses away. I know you’re thinking why not just run around the neighborhood? Well, i’ll tell you. I don’t live in such a good neighborhood and I don’t like a million cars passing me…and random guys offering me rides – I’m in workout clothes walking fast or running, do I look like I want a ride?! Also, sidewalk concrete is something my back just cannot take.

So I headed to this park about a 10 minute walk from my apartment the other day to see if there was room to run there, and there so is. Not such great pics but this woody area goes on for quite a ways. It’s such a great place to run, through trees, on pine needles and grass instead of concrete. Even though there are houses on 2 sides, for most of a lap around it feels like running through the woods. Kind of like trail running only no hills because it’s Florida.

park2      park3

And…when i’m done running, there’s a swingset so I can swing for a few minutes before I head home. See that swing in the middle? That’s my swing lol


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